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A new generation of triathlon training

TRIQ is a dynamic triathlon app that schedules your training. It combines the latest knowledge of renowned sports scientists and coaches with an intelligent algorithm that adjusts 24/7 to align training with each athlete’s individual progress, recovery and availability.

Training finally
gets smart!

TRIQ is a dynamic triathlon app that schedules your training. It combines the latest knowledge of renowned sports scientists and coaches with an intelligent algorithm that adjusts 24/7 to align training with each athlete’s individual progress, recovery and availability.

Dynamic Training Plan OF SWIM, BIKE & RUn
Personalized Workouts to Your Abilities
daily health assessment for training advices
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Training planning
finally gets smart

Maximize your potential with our cutting-edge training algorithm! TRIQ's training schedules are highly individual and our app adapts intelligently to your progress. This ensures precise planning and personalized adjustments to power your triathlon success.

Covers all sports of triathlon

Tracks and adjusts to heart, muscle and joint fatigue

Intelligent ramping and training volume management

Age, gender and weight adjusted training

Dynamically optimizes to all fitness levels

Training modified according to race distance

Fully incorporates timespan until race

Updates training dynamically in real-time (coming soon)

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Train in the right zones to improve

You may have heard of the upper, anaerobic threshold. TRIQ's training zone concept also incorporates the less-known lower, aerobic threshold which is key in endurance training. Our algorithm being able to account for this additional factor means nothing less than a revolution in digital training optimization.

Our approach empowers athletes to strike the perfect balance between building basic endurance and ramping up to peak performance intensity.

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Understand when you
are ready to train

Our app's "daily readiness assessment" takes functional over-reaching prevention to the next level. TRIQ evaluates heart rate variability combined with your subjective well-being and muscle fatigue feedback. Our algorithm compares your daily data with the past 60 days leading to highly personalized  recommendations that can help prevent injury or over-reaching.

We trust in Science & Experience
Our Experts
Dr. Ruby Otter-Drost
Sports Scientist

Ruby, an applied sports scientist and senior researcher at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, also lectures in Human Physiology at the University Medical Center Groningen. Specializing in Applied Exercise Physiology, her research centers on monitoring training load and performance for various athletes. Current projects include studying coaches' intended versus actual training load, examining performance and overtraining.

Dr. mario Zinsser
Lead Research Engineer

Has a diverse background in physics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from KIT in Karlsruhe. He conquered the Ironman Switzerland in Thun, showcasing his firsthand understanding of athletes’ demands. As the architect of our training planning engine, he transforms scientific and coaching insights combined with customer needs into dynamic, personalized, and holistic training plans.

Mario Schmidt-WeNdling
Head Coach

Sports science graduate and holder of a German Triathlon Union A license, Mario has been a full-time coach since 2004. With a track record of 9 world champions, 21 continental champions, and 15 long-distance victories, he has coached athletes through nearly 1300 races, resulting in over 100 successful Ironman Hawaii qualifications. Former national ParaTriathlon coach in Germany, Mario is also the author of the book 'Triathlon Success,' available in English in 2024

Athletes about TRIQ
"TRIQ redefined my triathlon journey! Custom plans, flexible workouts, and a commitment to preventing overtraining showcase its excellence. For a safe approach to goals, TRIQ is the go-to platform!"

Maria S. - User
"Having closely examined TRIQ as a triathlon coach, I can attest to its effectiveness. The app's ability to generate training plans with a level of detail that competes with, and at times exceeds, that of a human coach is truly noteworthy. TRIQ has the potential to redefine the standards of excellence in triathlon coaching."

Samuel H. - Advisor & COach
"Having had insight into the development and team of TRIQ from early on, I can attest that immense passion and expert knowledge has gone into this application. Since I am a new pro triathlete I haven’t trained with TRIQ, however the underlying training principals and workouts are top notch and ensure the optimal preparation for your triathlon goal. The simple interaction with TRIQ and coordination with the day-to-day life of an ambitious or beginner triathlete is a game changer and will elevate your training to the next level."

Robin H. -
Advisor & Athlete
Want to know more?
How is TRIQ different from other triathlon apps?

TRIQ stands out from other triathlon apps in far-reaching ways:

1. Groundbreaking Triple Sport Combination: Our app dynamically calculates training and recovery needed for all three triathlon disciplines. Setting it apart even further, TRIQ fully incorporates swim training and its physical effects in a way that no other app has done.

2. Super Individualized Planning: TRIQ takes into account the athlete's daily availability regarding time AND possible sport(s) on that day, as well as many more individual parameters.

3. Multi-Dimensional Recovery Concept: Our app features a distinctive recovery system that measures recovery needed on multiple levels, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach and providing a nuanced understanding of the body's needs regarding stress placed on joints, muscles and cardiovascular system.

4. Historical Training Data Integration: TRIQ factors in the athlete's training history when scheduling future sessions, ensuring a progressive and tailored approach to their development.

5. Made by Coaches: Unlike other apps that market via endorsements from well-known triathletes, TRIQ has been built and evaluated thoroughly by experienced coaches. Our commitment is to deliver quality, coach-approved training rather than marketing hype.

How does the TRIQ app work?

Simply set up our app by connecting your GARMIN® Connect account, entering your triathlon race goal* and answer a few questions. From there, TRIQ automatically recommends training sessions for all three triathlon sports and strength & conditioning trainings to help prepare you for your race and connects the dots between your training, your recovery, and your daily availability to train.Once planned, the workout recommendations (except strength & conditioning) are pushed to the Garmin® cloud and further to your training device if set up correctly.

After your training sessions are recorded, your data automatically uploads to Garmin® cloud and pushed back to TRIQ. Based on executed and synced workout information TRIQ compares its recommendations with real executed data from the athlete and undergoes an assessment about the upcoming training week and makes adaptions if applicable.If you change planning parameters e.g availability, goal information, etc. plan adaptions will also take place.

* currently TRIQ covers 4 triathlon race distances – Sprint, Olympic, half IM (70.3), IM

How does the engine behind the TRIQ app work?

What sets TRIQ apart from most other apps is its fully automated training planning. Our system generates swim, bike, and run workouts individually from scratch and then integrates them cohesively throughout the week, considering various factors such as availability but above all, the planer looks that we have a balanced fatigue level. If any aspect changes, the system automatically evaluates if a more optimal plan exists and offers it to the athlete, ensuring they always train with the best option available.

What makes TRIQ’s fatigue & recovery concept so revolutionary?

The fatigue & recovery logic employed by TRIQ models nature as close as possible by not differentiating in sport modalities but rather differentiating in the fatigue & strain those sports causing on the human body. Additionally, we distinguish the human body into its relevant physiological components, moving away from viewing it as a singular system.We distinctly recognize the cardiovascular system, the muscle and joint system. It enables us to cater to the diverse physiological regeneration characteristics of each component. For example, the cardiovascular system tends to regenerate faster than the orthopedic joint system in the human body.

This innovative approach allows us in a physiologically accurate manner to combine various sports (all acting on the same body - you only have 1 body). Based on this complex model, TRIQ has the potential to even incorporate complementary activities like rowing or cross-country skiing soon.

Are TRIQ’S training recommendations based on a specific triathlon training philosophy?

TRIQ’S training engine was created in collaboration with sisu-training, owned by Mario Schmidt-Wendling. His philosophy and 20 years of triathlon coaching and scientific insights have shaped numerous aspects of how TRIQ creates training recommendations. Thus, at TRIQ we emphasize realistic goal setting and prioritize enabling continuous training without injury, as this is the main differentiator when it comes to reaching personal endurance sports goals. Instead of pushing age-group triathletes into overreaching or making unrealistic promises, TRIQ guides athletes toward competition success while prioritizing their well-being. To prevent injuries, TRIQ and Mario have built a unique load and recovery model that adjusts to cardiovascular and orthopedic stress, creating a holistic recovery strategy.

Is TRIQ for free?

For a limited time, TRIQ is currently free–even though we believe it already provides a better service than other apps. TRIQ combines smart training recommendations for three sports and intelligent health features in a groundbreaking new way, so we will have to charge for it accordingly, as providing this service is highly complex. We believe TRIQ is truly a new dimension of sports apps. However, it’s part of our philosophy to fully integrate certain additional key-features before turning our service into a paid one. While we do that, first movers can benefit from using TRIQ free of charge. Happy training to all of you who joined us so early.

What equipment is required to train with TRIQ?


- An iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or later to display and use the TRIQ APP (we currently do not support Android but will soon)

- A GARMIN® sport devices (e.g smart watches)  and a GARMIN-Connect® account to record and sync training data

Optional (but highly recommended):

- Heart Rate Chest Strap: If available, TRIQ uses heart rate data from your training to better understand how your body meets and reacts to training demands. Where possible, your HRV data is analyzed to optimize your upcoming training and more accurately assess you aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. We recommend the state of the art chest strap H10 from Polar® as it’s very accurate and helps us build a better product for you.

- Power Meter: If available, TRIQ will display cycling workouts in watts and use power output from cycling sessions to accurately analyze the intensity of your bike workout. Without power data, our analyzation is forced to include multiple less accurate assumptions.

When will TRIQ be available for Android?

There is no exact timeline for this at the moment, but of course we plan to make TRIQ available on Android and add other wearables beyond GARMIN® as soon as possible. Our team is still small and the complexity of our app makes it challenging to add these features quickly. We hope you understand and remain patient with us. We are learning a lot from our Apple users currently and will keep you updated regarding news about Android. As soon as all features are active we are optimistic about adding Android quickly. We will keep you updated about this and new wearables via our newsletter.

What is TRIQ’s going forward plan integrating 3rd party players?

At TRIQ, our first plan is to integrate additional sports recording partners such as POLAR® or SUUNTO® to enable training and recording of our recommended workouts. Integration of peripheral training tools (e.g. roller trainers, power meters, chest straps for heart rate monitoring, etc.) will primarily be facilitated through the training recording partners, as the data protocols (e.g. BLT, BLE, ANT, ANT+, WLAN, etc.) to communicate with those products  are ensured by them.

For example, customers with a smart-bike-trainer can directly control the same, using smartwatches from e.g. GARMIN®, POLAR®, etc. TRIQ will primarily focus on syncing recommended workouts with the aforementioned partners (but not limited), allowing customers to set up their training infrastructure as they see fit.

As explained in the “Indoor Activity FAQ”, we must reiterate to all customers that activities not explicitly recorded with one of our certified data recording partners CANNOT be synchronized with us. This means that if an activity is recorded directly with the ZWIFT or WAHOO training platform, it cannot be synced with TRIQ even you can sync it with the certified partner (e.g. GARMIN®). Instead, users must set up their training infrastructure in such a way, that the activity is recorded directly with the certified partner.

Info: Application & Usage related questions can be found via the FAQ link in the settings of the App.